Friday, June 27, 2014

Columbia County New York is a Trip

Living in Columbia County, New York, is a minute-to-minute, changing experience. One day life here can be simply about surviving three feet of snow that's accumulated near your front door when you only expected a dusting or a manageable inch of fluffy stuff. The next could be about saving an historic site that you've driven past a hundred and fifty times and wondered when that old house was built and who lived there. On any given day your attention might be centered on finding a restorative yoga class to rest your stressed mind, or securing the services of a caterer who can help you serve 100 people an organic brunch on a budget.

Yes, it's that diverse. I've learned, no matter where you live, life is never one thing, it's everything. And that's what we have here. A growing community made up of people who are diverse, devoted, and different, because they're intentionally living here, in this unique corner of New York, Columbia County.

I'm one of them. I've taken a rather intense interest in the lifestyle here and therefore, I've written a book about The Hidden History of Columbia County, New York (The History Press 2014) and I've created this blog, to continue the conversation, as they say.

My purpose is to bring you the things you're interested in: Food, Travel, Art, Culture, History, Love, Health, People, Sports/Outdoors, Happenings and, not to be forgotten, a focus on the "Four-Leggers" in our lives.

Life in Columbia County is quite a ride, so hold on to your seat.